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Making mental health accessible for all

Find out how our work increases access to flexible mental health support in the UK.

Supporting mental health

Xyla Digital Therapies was born from a real desire to affect change. Our mission is to transform mental health support in the UK and achieve exceptional outcomes.

With new and existing challenges facing the provision of psychological therapies, we recognise and cater to the growing need for a measurable, digital-first solution.

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We directly address the challenges

At Xyla Digital Therapies we deliver a patient-led, evidence-based and target-driven service. 

We maximise choice for therapists and patients – our digital service is accessible anywhere in the UK, with sessions available in 40+ languages and a number of communication methods. Thanks to our network of multilingual clinicians, patient choice is at the forefront; we give people the option to receive support in their preferred language. Doing so also eliminates the need and associated cost of interpreters.

To ensure clinical excellence and recovery rates above the national average, we partner with the best and draw on our long-standing relationships with experts in the healthcare and technology fields.

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