Leoni’s experience with Xyla Digital Therapies

As a low-intensity CBT practitioner in the NHS, I was attracted to joining Xyla Digital Therapies to gain further clinical experience in a flexible way. I feel supported working independently, and I have case management supervision on a weekly basis. 

Recruitment and onboarding

The process of joining Xyla Digital Therapies was extremely quick and simple. Within two weeks, I had moved from enquiring into the PWP position, having my interview, my documents and references checked, and my DBS completed, all online. I sorted out my insurance and I was able to start working straight away.

“The recruitment team went the extra mile to ensure the process was smooth, and I felt supported with any issues I had. I think it’s the best onboarding experience I have ever had in 14 years of employment.”

Working remotely

It took time for me to get used to working remotely with the vast range of UK-based IAPT services Xyla work with. However, after becoming more familiar with the easy to understand service guides and policies, things are easier and highly manageable. I truly value working autonomously, and I am most looking forward to progressing within the clinical network and taking part in the further online training that’s available for my continued professional development.