Tracy’s experience with Xyla Digital Therapies

I have been working for Xyla Digital Therapies since 2018. I was approached by one of their team and keen to hear more about the opportunity due to the remote working aspect and their flexibility. I found this complemented my other duties and particularly my private life – it gave me a good work/life balance.

“I enjoy working with Xyla Digital Therapies; I have a strong working relationship with my colleagues and the role enables me to have a good work/life balance which is important for my own wellbeing.”

In the time I’ve been with Xyla Digital Therapies, the company has grown significantly in their patient capacity. This has enabled me to speak with a variety of people from different locations around the country. I believe this has given me more confidence as a clinician; I now feel more able to offer bespoke support to help patients with their individual difficulties. In turn, this has helped my knowledge and understanding of different mental health services across the UK.

Accessing support

I receive support from my supervisor on a regular basis; my supervisor is helpful and friendly, and I feel I can approach them should I have any problems – whether work-related or personal. Monthly CPD workshops are also useful and help my development.  

“I highly recommend anyone who wants flexibility, support and professional growth to consider working with Xyla Digital Therapies.”

Delivering remote therapy throughout COVID-19

Xyla Digital Therapies have grown rapidly over the past few years. Remote therapy appears to be the most reliable way forward, particularly due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID. Xyla Digital Therapies have been able to adapt and still continue delivering therapy throughout the pandemic. They have been there to offer support and clinical professional growth while remaining focused on the wellbeing of their employees.