Welcome bonus terms and conditions


Clinician – A clinician is someone who joins Xyla Digital Therapies in a clinical capacity

Welcome bonus payment – Payment in the form of cash or voucher for the new clinician (of the amount specified in 4.1).

Qualifying criteria – The criteria that must be met by the clinician and as set out in clause 3.


The Xyla Digital Therapies welcome bonus scheme is applicable to clinicians who are brand new to our service, or clinicians who haven’t worked for us in six months. It is equally applicable to Pulse candidates as those directly resourced via Xyla.

Qualifying Criteria

Clinical contacts – The welcome bonus will be payable once the clinician has completed 100 clinical contacts with us. These are required to be completed within six months of starting with Xyla Digital Therapies.

Professions – For a recommendation to qualify, the clinician must work in talking therapies.

Bonus amount – The clinician is entitled to claim the bonus amount of £300 once the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions have been met.

Claiming bonus – We generate payment one month after the bonus payment criteria has been met.

Payment – A bonus payment is made to the clinician once they have met the relevant qualifying criteria, terms, conditions. Clinicians can choose between a cash payment (subject to tax and National Insurance deductions) or a voucher. Bonus payments are non-transferable.

General Terms

Xyla Digital Therapies reserves the right to reject a bonus payment if:

  • the clinician has previously worked for Xyla Digital Therapies within the past six months;
  • the clinician has not met the qualifying criteria, terms and conditions;
  • Xyla Digital Therapies sees fits to do so, due to any other reason or circumstance that they deem as justified

Xyla Digital Therapies reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of this welcome bonus scheme at its absolute discretion; or cancel or discontinue this scheme without having to pay any outstanding claims, introduce a replacement scheme, offer compensation or inform the associate(s).