What makes us different is our unrivalled commitment to delivering the very best service. We achieve this by listening and responding to your feedback.

Introducing Viewpoint

Viewpoint is our experience management programme, which helps us identify exactly how we can improve our service and support. We’ve created a space for you to share your experiences with Xyla, thereby helping us tailor and shape our business for the better. Since implementing Viewpoint, we’ve carried out changes to communication methods, pay rates and much more; all based on your feedback.

Putting you first

We’re dedicated to putting you first and ensuring we’re doing all we can to meet and exceed your expectations. Taking part is completely voluntary, but the more feedback we receive, the greater the impact we can have on bringing about positive changes to the support we provide.

We’re at the very start of our Viewpoint journey and we’ll add more information here as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, take a look at our latest results.

Viewpoint results – February 2021
Viewpoint results – May 2021
Viewpoint results – November 2021
Viewpoint results – January 2022
Viewpoint results – April 2022