You said, we did

The latest viewpoint updates for our Clinical Network.

We’re delighted to share that February’s survey resulted in the highest overall satisfaction yet. Not only that, it showed that our clinicians are the happiest they’ve  ever been with ease of interaction with our service.

As ever, your feedback is so valuable in helping to bring you a better experience and your insights have allowed us to focus our attention on the areas of improvement you’ve identified. Read on for updates on the progress we’re making with these.

Our team are with you

We’re happy to let you know that after overcoming some recent recruitment challenges, our supervision team is back up to capacity and ready to support you. If you were placed under temporary email supervision, rest assured that you will receive a new supervisor imminently.

Payment process

We are so pleased to have launched our new automated payroll process. As a result, your completed clinical hours will now be obtained directly from iaptus. This minimises the scope for any errors, making it smoother and easier for you to be paid accurately and quickly. Your Therapist Engagement Executive, Bobbie, will of course still be on hand to answer any queries surrounding your payslips. or the new process. You can contact her at:

Appointment slots

In line with NHS seasonality, we soon expect to see assessment referrals temporarily ease in order to increase GSH treatment referrals. Therefore, we strongly encourage PWPs to upload GSH new slots to optimise your patient allocation.

We are also thrilled to announce that all patients will soon be able to self-book their first treatment sessions. We have been gradually implementing this approach during assessments for a few months and will now be rolling it out service wide. We expect that this will drive higher attendance rates, less DNAs and increase fulfilment of your available slots.

We hope you can see how committed we are to acting on your feedback, so that we can streamline your experience and help you to enjoy a positive partnership with us. Should you have any further suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to let us know.