You said, we did

The latest viewpoint updates for our Clinical Network.

In February we sent you a survey about your experience working with Xyla Digital Therapies. Your feedback has been incredibly helpful and we would like to share an update of the key takeaways and some of the actions we’ve taken, thanks to your invaluable insights.

Key takeaways

83% of you were satisfied or extremely satisfied with communication across the service.

88% of you were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the volume of work available.

92% of you were extremely satisfied with the payment process.

Areas for development

Two areas for development that came up consistently were ongoing sources of support and rates of pay. All of your valuable comments and suggestions were discussed, and in line with service plans and decisions, we are delighted to share what we have implemented:

  • Clearer sources of support – We have introduced a new Therapist Engagement Executive to support you throughout your time with us for any non-clinical queries. Alongside the rest of our team, you will have support available to you at every step of the way.
  • Improved rates of pay – In early April, we announced increased pay for assessments, CBT and Counselling sessions to show our appreciation of your continued hard work and commitment, and remained competitive in the market.
  • Loyalty and referral schemes – To continue displaying our gratitude for your loyalty to Xyla, we are about to launch a number of reward schemes. We plan to share full details of the schemes with you in the next fortnight so please keep an eye out for those!

We hope these actions continue to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring Xyla Digital Therapies is a wonderful service to work with. We will continue to ask for your ongoing feedback so we remain as responsive as possible.