You said, we did

The latest viewpoint updates for our Clinical Network.

In November, we sent you a survey about your experience working with Xyla Digital Therapies. As ever, your feedback is invaluable to us, and we’re pleased to share that overall satisfaction and reported ease of working with us have continued to improve.

Key takeaways

95% of you were extremely satisfied with our payment process

84% of you were satisfied with communication across the service

83% of you were satisfied with the volume of work available

81% of you were extremely satisfied with the knowledge and support available to you

Thank you to everyone who shared anecdotal feedback; from this, we have focused our attention on your proposed areas for development. Here is an update on our progress:

Patient suitability

We have committed to launching EMDR by the end of this quarter and are confident that offering this modality, alongside clarifications to our eligibility criteria, will improve overall patient suitability across the service.

IAPTUS batch letters

Due to a recruitment shortfall, you may have noticed that batch letters have fallen slightly behind our usual level of delivery. We are pleased to say restoring team capacity is progressing well, and we have also started to evaluate and improve how batch letters are sent service-wide. We look forward to sharing more on this with you throughout the month.

Points of contact

You always have two named points of contact:

1) Your clinical supervisor

2) Xyla’s Therapist Engagement Executive, who is your contact for any non-clinical queries or support.

Beyond that, an organisational chart of Xyla’s management team can be viewed on SharePoint in the ‘Meet the team’ section.

Shared inboxes and response times

Xyla operates multiple shared inboxes for a variety of purposes. To ensure you are contacting the correct email and receive a timely response to your query, here is a guide to the inboxes and their purpose: – For assessment specific queries and risk – For patient-related queries, adhoc case management requests and risk – For patients use only – Inbound queries from referring services – For therapists joining Xyla but not yet live – For external commercial queries

We hope you can see we are committed to not just listening but acting on your feedback. Keep an eye out for our next survey which goes live on 15th February. Should you have any further suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know.