Laura’s experience

My anxiety started after having a few physical health problems. It took two years of endless tests and doctor visits to get a diagnosis. I was feeling better for a while, however soon after I had a cancer scare.

This left me worried that my health would deteriorate; I started checking my body every day for lumps and bumps, googling any aches and pains, and seeking reassurance from my GP. I believed that there must have been something physically wrong with me, and that the doctors were missing it.

After one of many visits to the GP, they suggested that I may be experiencing health anxiety – a form of anxiety where you constantly worry about your health and that there is something seriously wrong.

I was referred to my local IAPT service for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with Xyla Digital Therapies. At first, I was really apprehensive to do the sessions online; I didn’t see how talking to someone on my laptop would be helpful, but I needed to talk to someone fast and this was by far the quickest option.

My therapist instantly put me at ease, she was really warm and easy to talk to. She helped me to realise that my behaviours were exacerbating my worries and anxiety, and helped me to learn more helpful ways to manage and cope with my worries.

During my time using Xyla Digital Therapies, I learnt my self-worth again, which ultimately has changed my views and thoughts. This was through the one-to-one sessions and having someone to talk to and being able to talk to them in my own environment made me feel at ease.

Support from Xyla Digital Therapies

We are an online service that allows patients, such as Laura, to receive therapy in the comfort of their own space and at a time that suits them.

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