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Transforming mental health support through our flexible and accessible offer designed for you.

Supporting mental health in adults

Whatever challenges you’re facing, you’re not alone. Xyla Digital Therapies provides flexible mental health support from the palm of your hand.  

We work closely with the NHS, private healthcare providers and higher education institutions to bring you an extensive range of pioneering talking therapies. Access a growing network of clinicians online, from any computer, tablet or smartphone device. Sessions are delivered seven days a week, 365 day a year with appointments available between 7am and 11pm, via online audio, telephone, online typing and secure video.   

Supporting mental health in children and young people

One in six young people experience mental health challenges, each with challenges as unique as you are. Xyla Digital Therapies offers the only CQC registered digital service for children and young people, helping you to access the support they need. 

Developed in collaboration with children and young people, the service is delivered online for people between the ages 5 to 25, between 8am and 10pm. It’s a safe and effective way to receive online mental health support from our team of specialist clinicians. 

Keeping you safe

Whether you’re experiencing low mood, anxiety, or struggling coping with what life throws at you, Xyla Digital Therapies gives you access to specialist mental health support, on your terms.  

Our digital services are accessible from early morning to late evening, anywhere in the UK. To ensure clinical excellence we draw on our long-standing relationships with experts in the healthcare and technology fields. 

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