East London NHS Foundation Trust

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) covers Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service, Newham Talking Therapies, Richmond Wellbeing Service and Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies. We’ve been partnered with them since January 2019 and have developed a robust relationship which has played an instrumental role in ELFT’s expansion of its mental health provision.

We were initially commissioned to help quickly clear a waiting list in just one of their services. However, after seeing such positive results, ELFT embedded Xyla Digital Therapies into their core pathway, extending our offering to the other wellbeing and talking therapies services listed above.

“The team at Xyla Digital Therapies have been truly fantastic – helpful, responsive and reliable. Our clinical team reports smooth and positive working relationships with their clinical team.”

  • Associate Clinical Director for Primary Care Psychological Therapies, ELFT

Speaking to the team at ELFT, it was noted that the work we do at Xyla Digital Therapies has enhanced their overall performance, particularly by reducing waiting times and improving people’s ability to access support. In terms of choice and accessibility, our multilingual clinical network (offering 40+ languages) enabled patients to receive treatment in their first language. Over the years, it’s become clear that this has created exceptional patient satisfaction which has been a key factor in ELFT’s decision to continue utilising our service.

“We appreciate all the help from Xyla Digital Therapies and enjoy a positive partnership with them. We hope to continue our working relationship with their team.”

  • Associate Clinical Director for Primary Care Psychological Therapies, ELFT

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