Digital-enabled therapy for everyone
Increasing access to high quality, flexible mental health support

We directly address mental health challenges

We deliver a patient-led, evidence-based and target-driven service that helps people access valuable mental health support. Maximising choice for therapists and patients, our digital service is accessible anywhere in the UK, with sessions available in 40+ languages and a number of communication methods based on patient preference.  

We work in close partnership with our clients to deliver high quality, sustainable services that are responsive to changing needs. We work across a wide variety of sectors including: 

  • NHS 
  • Local authorities 
  • Private medical insurers 
  • Universities 
  • Businesses  

This collaborative, tailored approach improves accessibility and reduces waiting times, securing better outcomes for patients and service users. 

Our partners

With the help of our valued partners, we deliver a reliable and scalable service. Our strong focus on partnerships has earned us a reputation for dependability and trustworthiness. 

Pulse is part of Acacium Group, a leading healthcare staffing agency in the UK. 

As the longest-standing agency in their field, Pulse is known for the high calibre of candidates they supply to the NHS and private sector. With an extensive database of skilled clinicians, we work with Pulse to support the growth of our specialist clinical network. 

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iaptus provides a patient management system designed with and for IAPT services. 

With iaptus, referring patients entirely digital. The system ensures safe and secure management of clinical data, in line with NHS best practice. We are also able to support IAPT services using other case management systems while still receiving referrals digitally. 

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SystmOne provides a patient management system designed with and for a number of services including mental health and is used across the NHS and private sector.

The system provides all the necessary tools needed to run an efficient, safe and secure user-centred mental health service, in line with NHS best practice. 

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Mindwave is a partner we have worked with to create the My Mental Health Portal. They are one of the leading, NHS approved, Personal Health Record/Patient Portal developers in the UK. 

We designed our portal with Mindwave from the ground up, working with Participation People to ensure it was being built by those who are going to use it.

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Participation People deliver award-winning youth voice, engagement and participation programmes across the UK.

Our Children and Young Peoples service was co-produced with Participation People, from initial design and development through to testing, their input helped shape this innovative children’s mental health service.

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