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Group Therapy
Increasing access to evidence-based, accessible, flexible mental health support

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is a form of CBT delivered to several people in a group setting by two experienced therapists 

This treatment journey will help you learn new skills and techniques to manage and overcome your difficulties 


Why Group Therapy?

Research and feedback from groups has shown that listening to others can help to normalise your own experiences 

Group therapy will provide a safe environment for you to do this, whilst giving you the opportunity to hear from others who are experiencing similar difficulties  

Group Therapy offers a sense of community and social support that  can be difficult to replicate in one-to-one sessions  

What to expect

The courses are made up of 8 sessions and will be delivered by fully trained therapists  

The sessions will be delivered using the CBT method of delivery 

There will be opportunity for discussions to take place, participation is optional. 

Self-lead learning will be tasked for outside of the session, to support with longer term benefits 

The sessions are delivered remotely via Microsoft Teams. All personal data is anonymised. 


Remotely delivered Group Therapy is available with a shorter waiting time so you will have the opportunity to receive support sooner 

Group therapy can be accessed from the comfort of your own home via Microsoft Teams. 

You will learn new skills and techniques to manage and overcome your difficulties, and learn from other peoples experiences 

Who’s eligible?

Persons over 18 

Specific service referrals only (To be included) 

Currently on a CBT waiting list 

People experiencing with Low Mood, Anxiety, OCD 

For more information you can contact the Patient Services Team on 0333 5773024